#BeginnerBeauty New Series on Makeup + Skincare Basics


Body Chain from Grand Charm

I have yet to find a beauty channel that has tutorials for newbies like me. When I say newbie, I mean I just started wearing foundation last year. It can get frustrating watching a beauty guru and all you hear is "try MAC color "Alien Green". (That is not a real color) and expect people to know what we are looking for in the stores. Most people will forget what the name was and get the complete wrong shade altogether.  I wonder how the makeup artists remember the colors names and expect everyone to know the entire catalog of eyeshadows? I guess it takes time like any other skill but we aren't all trying to be MUAs.

Long story short, this new series will focus on makeup looks, contouring, finding foundation and applying it, color comparison and more. These are the things I learned this past year from trial and error and just playing in makeup. It will be just enough to make even the most novice person be able to throw on something sassy and classy.

Check it out now on my YouTube channel. The products are listed on the video.

What types of tutorials would you like to see?

Air Force Beauty


In My Studio Filming

Have you been to my channel today? It's Sunday and as promised the video is up.
This time I made something beauty-related for women in the military but this look is very simple that it could be a "no makeup" look. I made this video because I got tired of seeing overdone makeup at work. Hopefully this video will reach the masses and help some people out.
I must say this though, I am in the Air Force but I'm about 89 percent sure that this look is perfect for other branches too.
Well today my youngest mini is sick so I am home with her. I might as well start early on some posts for the upcoming week. What kind of videos do you want to see?

Never Home Long


 Photos from Georgia, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Bahamas

Is it bad that when I get annoyed, I tend to reflect? Well this is better than flipping out, right?
Well today was a decent day but I ended up annoyed because it just irks me when people are so self-absorbed. I just can't be around them which is probably why I'm never home long, traveling the world here, there, everywhere. I just up and leave the situation. POOF, gone.
I give, give, give as much as I can but when I interact with a person who only gives credit to themselves or speaks of themselves higher than the shelf I would put them on…I just snap. This could be why my circle is the size of a cheerio and the reason those that I do call friend, basically family are so close-knit with me. WE just keep it real and don't stay around for the bull.
As I type this, I am starting to laugh inside because it's really not that serious. Let me stop this rant. Are you confused? 
Anyway, here is a review of some pictures. I have a new video coming up this week and I'm filming like crazy. 
Hope you are enjoying your weekend loves. What are you doing anyway?

Black Details


Photos by Nick Hayes // Edit by Me
Jacket + Grey Wrap Top from Germany // Grey Basic Tee from Target // Blue Jeans from Dillards // Shoes from Nordstrom

I'm sitting home just relaxing with a cup of chai tea talking to Inez from YouTube. She is a hair blogger too and has the cutest little girl. 
As I edit a video, my husband is playing the most addictive iPad app called Cooking Fever. He originally got it for me because I love to cook but now he just plays it all day and sneaks to play it. LOL.
So we just chill today and do nothing but listen to Erykah Badu and sip our drinks. Rare. 
What do you have planned for today?

Hair Length Regimen


Hello lovelies!
I filmed a video with Inez Moore on YouTube. We talked about our hair + beauty goals. Mine include hair length and clear skin.
I promised that I would put a detailed list of my regimen so here it goes. If you decide to use this, please adjust accordingly. I am not a hair expert but this works for me.

Shampoo wash + condition/ 1x a week (Sunday)
w/ Shea Moisture Coconut + Hisbiscus Shampoo + Aussie Moist Cleanse & Mend

Cowash/ 1x a week (Wednesday)
w/ Aussie Moist Cleanse & Mend

Deep Condition/ 2x a month (every other Sunday)
w/ As I Am Hydrating Deep Conditioning Treatment

Leave-In Mist/ (after each wash)
w/ CHI Keratin Leave-In conditioning Mist

Moisturizer/ (daily before styling)
w/ Lottabody Curl & Style Milk

Oils/ (after each wash, style or before nighttime wrapping)
w/ Doo Gro Hair Growth Oil + Palmers Hair Oil

Prepoo (day before each wash)
w/ Coconut Oil

Flat-Iron Protectant (before each straightening)
w/ ORS Glossing Polisher

This is a lot. Hope it helps you! I am going to do this for hair growth this year. I will not be doing a numbered measurement. I am only doing picture progress. Check out my instagram to see my latest hair length.

What products do you like to use?