Stretching Relaxed/Texlaxed Hair


So I decided it was about time to finally answer the questions that I have been getting about stretching my hair. I didn't know it was really that big of a topic but once I actually monitored my period of stretching, I noticed that it was a really big deal.

Birthday Haulage


I just celebrated my 26th birthday. Twenty-six wonderful years of learning and living.

I didn't really want anything but an iPad Air 2. You know something small so that I don't have to lug my laptop everywhere. Of course, knowing I love any and everything for the kitchen, I received a new coffee machine too. OMGAH! My husband outdid himself right?

What's Up Momma?


I recently did a guest video for The 411 Mommas on YouTube. It was a great opportunity and I talked about Balance. I did question myself on the topic because I have a crazy schedule most days. I know one thing though--between being a mom and wife, being in the military, running a business, filming for YouTube, running a blog and traveling…this LADY is trying. 

Deep Condition on the Go


Hello loves! It has been a while hasn't it? I have a few videos up and one of them is on my Quick DC. I love doing my DC on the go because I don't have to sit under a hot dryer for hours each week. This DC routine is one that I use mostly at the gym but it's cute enough to rock on a normal day since it's a bun style. This protective style is perfect for all hair textures.

Wedding Day


I finally got married ya'll! I have soooo many pictures and no I did not record it. We just wanted a very private ceremony and that is what we got. We also took 28 of our closest family and friends (including our kids) with us to the Bahamas.