Laugh Some


If you ask most of the people that know me, their first impression of me is a mean girl. If you ask me, I am misunderstood. While I don't smile as often as I should, the first quarter of this year has shown me that I need to. I need to laugh more, do more and love more.
It's been a long time but I'm on my way there.
Photos circa 2011 by P. Portlow


Switzerland Haul!!

I finally finished editing this video. YES!!!!

Do you know how long it took me to do this? 5 days. All because I have a big issue with long videos that are over 6-7 minutes. I can deal with a few long videos but they must be informative and relatable to use daily such as how tos and motivational videos.
So here we are, a little bit of a haul and you can find photos from my travels on Instagram.
I hope that you enjoyed your weekend.
Tomorrow is April 1st. Can you believe it???


Military Hair Inspiration

Today I decided to do a simple updo and it is perfect for women with Relaxed & Natural Hair.

Since I go to work in a military uniform most days, I have to have my hair above my collar.


Swiss Mountains for Breakfast

I went away for the weekend. Just to clear my head and not handle too much business.


Beauty + Hair Favorites for February

This month, I spent alot of time on an airplane and back home in the states. In my latest video, I show you a few products that became my favorites for February.


Straight Hair for Ten Bucks

Have you been to my YouTube channel lately? If so, then you saw how the HotBeauty Flat Iron straightened my hair and my first impression of the product. 
 Not to mention, I only paid $9.99 for it. Can you believe it???